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Valsrecords 7 days ago

Biltmore Chicken

Delicious! Crispy, tender chicken served in a generous portion, alongside homemade creamy mashed potatoes. Topped with a creamy milk gravy, just like Mom used to make. A delicious meal with just the right amount of nostalgia thrown in.

Liza 24 days ago

Denver Omelet

My absolute favorite meal. I'll even come around dinner time for breakfast. The eggs are always delicious, the hash browns on point and the toast delicious. I LOVE breakfast at the Filling station.

Mwsrocks59 about 1 month ago

1/2 Sandwich & Cup of Soup Du Jour Or Salad

I usually order the 1/2 turkey sandwich and salad. I've been going here after Sunday church service. I love the outdoor seating, the quick service and the abundance of food served. Only wish the restaurant was bigger so it could seat more people. Very relaxing. You can bring your dog for outdoor seating.

Disappear.Info about 2 months ago

Apple Pie

The APPLE PIE is to die for! Of course, I don't really mean that, but with only one bite, you'll think you are actually in heaven!

Mvaldez0506 about 2 months ago

Banana Pancakes

The pancakes are so good. You didn't even need the syrup and the fact that there were chucks of banana really took it to another level. The machaca chilaqueles from the special menu were by far the best I've had in years. The tortilla chips weren't soggy! Yum! Great flavor!

Buffy about 2 months ago

Cornmeal Pancakes

This is a pretty good pancake. I had it as a substitute for toast with an omelette. It wasn't so memorable that I regularly order it, but it was tasty.

Buffy about 2 months ago

Bacon & Sausage Omelet

I've had this omelette a few times but ask for it as a scramble. For an additional $2, you can substitute your toast for a pancake. I love this omelette and recommend it if you're a meat lover. The hashed are good when they are crispy.

Amb Que88 3 months ago

Lemon Poppy Pancakes

My favorite!!! If you love lemon poppyseed muffins, you'll go to heaven with the Filling Station lemon poppy pancakes. Don't forget your Mamosa flight! Not to mention you'll have great service with an awesome atmosphere.

Anthonycirn37 3 months ago

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burrito is amazing!! Along with some of the best coffee ive ever had Always big portions at a great price!! Cant go wrong with this selection

Ariana 3 months ago

Eggs Florentine

There are many items that I have tried during my visits to The Filling Station; however, the Eggs Florentine is my go-to favorite. If you are a fan of poached eggs, this is the dish for you because they are cooked to perfection and the extra yolk mixes perfectly with the side of hash browns. Additionally, I prefer the Eggs Florentine over the regular Benedict because of the light additions of the spinach and tomato, which add a tasty contrast to the rich hollandaise sauce. I also recommend ordering mimosas to accompany this order, enjoy!

Slyasafox44 3 months ago

Grilled Pork Chop with Apple Sauce

This is the best pork chop I have ever had. Love the ambiance and fresh apple sauce!

Yaldayia 3 months ago

Grilled Cheese

As an international student at Chapman University, there are only a couple of things that remind me of home or make me feel at home and this plate is for sure one of them. It's such a simple dish but when it's well done, like it is here, it can bring back so many happy memories, smells, feelings, from my childhood. Simply put, if eating a grilled cheese from the Filling Station Cafe at age 21 is considered wrong and childish then forgive me world because I don't want to be right!

Naranjo 3 months ago

Huevos Rancheros

Oh my gosh, the huevos rancheros are literally the best!! I've been a chapman student for 2 years and just now had this meal. It is so tasty and filled me up. 10/10 recommend!

Jguns007 3 months ago

Biltmore Chicken Sandwich

The Biltmore Chicken Sandwich is delicious! It is served with juicy chicken, lettuce, and tomato on freshly baked ciabatta bread. I always ask for gruyere cheese on my Biltmore because The Filling Station is one of the few restaurant that I know of to have gruyere cheese. This dish comes with a side salad, which pairs perfectly with the sandwich.

Annalisamagliato 3 months ago

Chicken Marsala

The Marsala is better than all the Italian restaurants I've ordered from! Filling station nails it! My boyfriend always gets the buffalo wings and loves them. Great dinner menu!

Therods1188 3 months ago

Eggs Benedict

One of my favorite breakfast dishes at one of my favorite places at the Circle.

Aguilarmaggie4 3 months ago

French Toast Breakfast

I really wanted to leave a review for their seasonal pumpkin pancakes bc they are soooooo bomb but they didn't list them🌚 so I'll give a review for my second favorite. These are no ordinary French toast. They're fluffy. They're buttery. The thick sliced bread is just everything. A happy dance is always waiting when I order these and I am never disappointed. They keep getting better every time I go. They're all you could ask for in French toast. I loooovvveee their thick cut bacon. It's to die for. I brought one of my friends just bc I know she loves bacon and this has the best bacon hands down. It's a top notch breakfast and that's all I have to say. P.s. if you go during the fall time GET THE PUMPKIN PANCAKES WITH SOME FRESHLY SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE🤤

Carr.Skye29 3 months ago

Blueberry Pancakes

I love coming here for breakfast. They use REAL blueberries instead of slapping on blueberry syrup and like their different side options. Such a great vibe to hang out at the Orange Circle.

Frankjperez 3 months ago

Bacon & Eggs

Had a specialty breakfast which I can't seem to find on the online menu. It was a glazed pork chop and eggs. Cooked to perfection, and the glaze wasn't too sweet and paired well with the eggs and hashbrowns. A go to as long as it's still on the menu. If not, I'm sure there's something in its place that will be fun to try.

Cheryl8087 3 months ago

Eggs Florentine

The Very Best! Sunday Morning treat! Or any day for that matter. Can't always wait for Sunday!!

Karliromero9 21 days ago

Belgian Waffle

Filling station is the best restaurant at the circle. We love coming here for breakfast and love the ambiance.

Cindy1cpa 26 days ago

Breakfast Quesadilla

I've ordered this dish for many years. I love that I can personalize it since I'm a vegetarian. It is served with the best salsa!!

Annalisamagliato about 1 month ago

Banana Pancakes

Banana pancakes are my absolute favorite meal and the Filling Station exceeded all my expectations! Amazing breakfast menu!

Larams1966 about 2 months ago

Bacon & Eggs

Always Awesome! If you could please add cottage cheese to your breakfast and lunch menu it would be fabulous especially for those looking to decrease potoato consumption. But always a great meal!

Buffy about 2 months ago

Pumpkin Pie

This has got to be one of the best punpkin pies I've ever eaten! It's a lot thicker than your typical pumpkin pie (think deep dish pie), and one slice was very filling. Do yourself a favor and order one of these for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone will thank you for it!

Buffy about 2 months ago

Cinnamon Or Cranberry Orange French Toast

Delicious French toast! I enjoyed it and recommend it if you love French toast. Full of flavor and fluffy.

Jlkemp622 2 months ago

French Fries

Best fries I have ever eaten!

Coylwarren 3 months ago

Eggs Florentine

This is the definition of a killer breakfast. Big enough for two, unless you're hungry! Bacon, spinach and hollandaise... you just can't lose with this one. My go-to favorite. The friendly staff makes this place a regular stop for me.

Summerannmarsh 3 months ago

Pancake Breakfast

I absolutely love the Pancake Breakfast at the Filling Station. Their pancakes are so flipping delicious (pun intended). Not only is the food good, but it's affordable and the service is excellent. Whenever I'm in the area, I always recommend this restaurant (and dish) to my friends.

Slyasafox44 3 months ago

Cinnamon Or Cranberry Orange French Toast

Came here for a friends birthday breakfast and it was great! The cranberry orange french toast is amazing with a warm latte.

Smalcolm 3 months ago

Strawberry Belgian Waffle

These waffles are amazing! The waffle itself is so fluffy and always cooked to perfection. The strawberries are fresh and delicious! Also I always get the whipped cream! It really ties the whole thing together. This is my go to every time!

Alyroseh 3 months ago

French Dip

I absolutely LOVE the French dip here. Every other place I've gotten one, it's been simply meat, cheese, and dip. This one definitely spices it up and makes the meal more gourmet- it is delicious and a bargain for what you get.

Cindymorino 3 months ago

Old Towne Scramble

I love the mix of veggies and eggs. The hashbrowns are perfectly cooked.

Jcarpenter 3 months ago

Patty Melt

This patty melt is literally mouth watering. I like to add ketchup to it as well! Its perfectly filling without being too heavy.

Caseysmail 3 months ago

Vegetable Omelet

I had the vegetable omelet with egg whites and whole wheat toast and it was SO GOOD. I am a huge breakfast lover and have some pretty high standards when it comes to breakfast/brunch foods. I was extremely satisfied and loved how fast things came, while still tasting fresh. I really enjoyed my experience and look forward to coming back again!!

Pts711 3 months ago

Waldorf Chicken Salad

Very disappointed. Lettuce was not fresh. Black edges, wilted and brown. Couldn't hold warm grilled chicken accountable for soggy lettuce as chicken was cold. I don't mind the cold chicken. It was the lettuce. I intentionally placed all the blackened lettuce to the side and my server said nothing. No apologies. I love the Filling Station, But was truly let down yesterday.

Angelamaef 3 months ago

Turkey Chili Cheese Omelet

THE BEST OMELET EVER!!!!! This is a filling station STAPLE and must have whenever we're here for breakfast! if you are a chili fan, which I am, this is a must! We're old towne locals, so this is one dish you MUST have! I mean it's semi-healthy right since it's Turkey, so why not! Make sure you ask for a table outside on the patio so you can enjoy the scene, while enjoying a delish breakfast as you people watch in the heart of old town orange!

Ketzia.Abramson 3 months ago

Vegetable Omelet

This is my go to item every time I'm here for breakfast. For someone who doesn't eat meat , the addition of veggie sausage is just the extra protein that you need! I love having it with feta cheese! And it's so delicious! 10/10 would recommend

Leanmeanchristine 3 months ago

Biltmore Chicken Sandwich

This place is so cute! Very quaint and relaxing! We came during the week for lunch and sat on the patio. The meal and services were excellent! My Biltmore Chicken sandwich was delicious!!! Our mimosas kept on coming and everyone was happy! I will definitely be coming back and try something new on the menu.

Clareprange 3 months ago

BBQ Burger

You really can't beat the atomisphere at The Filling Station. I live in Orange and go every chance I get! Their menu is easy for everyone to find something they will love.


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